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It’s time for figure collector’s to get excited as Wonder Festival 2013 Summer is just hours away. Many figure manufacturers will be attending the event to show off their upcoming goods as well as show off some unannounced products.

Many of the manufacturers have been posting teaser photos on their blogs and other sites to get people such as myself excited for what is coming up. Below are just a few of the several figures being teased that have caught my eye in one way or another.

BlazBlue Chronophantasma РNoel Vermillion
by Vertex

This fighting game by Arc System Works has been an enjoyable series for its characters and gameplay. The artwork on the other hand has been slowly dropping in quality and falling more and more into that amateur doujin look. That’s why I had to roll my eyes when I saw Noel Vermillion’s new outfit in this next title in the series. With FREEing disappointing me with their Noel, at least new comer Vertex will disappoint me by default. With their preview, my eyes are rolling into the back of my head when I see that Vertex opted to have Chronophantasma Noel poke through her top.

Tales of Symphonia – Colette Brunel
by Kotobukiya

ALTER is not the only one that has their hand in the Tales RPG series. Kotobukiya has had their hand in the series for a very long time and have teased a couple of familiar looking weapons. I’ll have to reserve my judgement when I see the complete figure as well as painted though it looks like they may be going with Colette’s common twisting pose. …I suppose I should brush up on this title since it’s one of the many Tales titles I have not played. I have played Destiny though and I do have Leon. So how about a Stahn someone!? Koto? ALTER? Hmm!?

Strike Witches 2 – Lynette Bishop

You know, I would really like to own a figure of Lynette Bishop but it’s a bit difficult due to the series having these mecha musume ladies of the 501st parading around in their underwear. The latest version of Lynette by ALTER has a really cute smile as well as one heck of a weapon to carry. It’s just that split leg pose the company opted to go with. Perhaps the one by Kotobukiya is my only safe haven. …which I sold. Good job, me!

Transformers – Exo-suit with Spike and Daniel
by CM’s Corporation

It surprises me to see CM’s Corporation dabbling in some of the rarer characters such as Minerva (Minelba) and Ginrai from Transformers Masterforce. I guess if we want human characters, this is the company to rely on. I’m surprised once again to see the company planning to release the “Excel-suit” originally featured in Transformers the Movie along with figures of Spike and Daniel. Based on the tease, it looks like maybe Spike and Daniel will be static figures. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to owning a David Hasselhoff look-a-like in this robotic suit.

Fate/hollow ataraxia – Nendoroid Saber Alter
by Good Smile Company

The big name company of figure makers, Good Smile Company, actually doesn’t have anything that appeals to me. The only thing that caught my eye was a tease of Nendoroid Saber Alter. Why? Because it’s Saber! …really. That’s it. I have no intention of buying it.


Now that is just what is teased. What other surprises will the many figure makers have that hasn’t already been shown in magazine scans? Well, I’m positive it’ll be many figures of ladies, boobs, and characters from titles that I have no idea about because I don’t keep up with the anime scene as much as I use to. …and my wallet says “thank you” to that.

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Fate/hollow ataraxia, Strike Witches 2, Tales of Symphonia
Nendoroid Saber Alter
by ALTER, Good Smile Company, KOTOBUKIYA, Vertex

Well, this is a deal I could not pass up. Amazon is having a sale on digital copies of many Sonic games which includes a few titles my viewers wanted to see streamed. This includes Sonic Generations, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sonic 4 Episode I & II, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic CD, and a few classic Sega Genesis classics. A total of 12 Sonic games for a mere $10. That’s a savings of about $114 off the normal prices.

It’s hard to pass up such a deal especially with some of the more current digital releases. If you’re a Sonic fan and have been holding out on Sonic Generations or some of the other PC ports, now would be a great time to grab them.

Note: Steam account required.

Buy from Amazon

I think my PlayStation 2 is on its death bed…




Watch the full broadcast

Eight hours of Elsword… did I seriously broadcast eight hours of this game? It would seem I did as it was Independence Day with unlimited stamina and myself having the day off. Oh! And it was also a Thursday meaning an Elsword K-Ching Giveaway! I honestly do not remember much of the broadcast but I do know I had several wonderful people show up and it was one of my better days for a turn out.

I cannot thank everyone enough for spending most of their day with me and watching nothing but Elsword. Of course the viewers had to ask when I’ll do a 24-hour broadcast. To that I say to my viewers, you’re all sick people.

Again, I failed to write about the previous week so congratulations to these eight total winners:

  • everhearted
  • milkyshake16
  • bravery124
  • xinorath
  • Hypervelozity
  • Gringojoey
  • Fixti0n
  • Noah9711

Speaking of eight winners, July 11, 2013 is a big deal for me. It will be my 25th K-Ching Giveaway and Kill3rCombo has allowed this broadcast to be a little special by giving eight chances to win for our viewers. Not only that, previous winners who are typically ineligible to win will also have a chance again. I’ll also be doing the one thing I say I don’t do on my broadcasts and that will be playing PVP matches with the viewers. I hope to disappoint many.

So, again, thank you so much Elsword community, Kill3rCombo, and Community Organizer Cuddles!

25th Giveaway Forum Sig 13-0705

When it comes to Saber from the Fate series, you can always expect to find her placed in a maid outfit though it seems to have been a while since we’ve seen a new figure of Saber dressed in this popular outfit. Luckily PLUM is here to fill that void for those who cannot have enough Saber in their life.

Though Saber is the main attraction for this 1/7-scale figure, what is immediately noticeable is what she is posed on. Included sets are always a bonus for figures since it adds more to it and that is the case here with the included set of stairs Saber is sitting on. Plum didn’t go cheap making sure that the banister looks like something from an actual staircase. Add that with the red carpet being held down by the gold bars and you have yourself a wonderful addition to this figure.

As for the Saber figure, it’s cute. That’s all I can really say. It’s not something jaw dropping or mind-blowing. It’s Saber looking sweet with a pleasant smile. I will say the detail in her hair looks excellent and does show that this is the quality of a larger scaled figure and the paint that makes up her stockings is an added touch. But that’s about it really. Though the body does feature folds in her outfit, there’s something about them that doesn’t seem to scream quality.

If I was going to be spending this kind of money, I would rather put it toward one of the other maid Sabers like the ones of Saber and Saber Lily by ALTER. This one though is an easy pass.

Fate/hollow ataraxia
Saber ~Mousou Maid Ver.~
by Plum
MSRP: ¥9800
Release: September, 2013
Scale: 1/7

I love Final Fantasy V. If you’re looking for a Final Fantasy title that has a good amount of silly moments and very entertaining characters, this is a title to check out (Get the Game Boy Advance version!). So when I see fan art like Monk-akka! by Karaage, depicting each character in as the Monk class, it reminds me how wonderful cast of characters are.

…keep in mind that the man in the center, Galuf, is not that huge which makes the piece of art that more amusing.

With Atlus’ Devil Survivor 2 getting an anime, MegaHouse has been quick to jump on releasing figures for this upcoming animated adaption of the video game. The two characters being released as 1/8 scale figures are of Airi Ban and Io Nitta.

Now Airo doesn’t bother me so much. It’s a playful pose with energy and she also includes a cute, pouting face. There’s also a bit of shirt lifting to get a glimpse on the stomach with always captures my eyes (the guys are no exception — what?). Again, it’s a cute figure and I like the feeling it exudes. However, it’s the other release that has me laughing.

There is something quite evident with Io Nitta’s bust. I want to know what kind of support she’s using because those boobs are seriously getting some push up action there. It’s almost like they are permanently moving upward and it’s not because she has motion in her pose. Add that in with Io’s very slim body and it’s just so hard to not notice. Though, I’m sure any other body type would still have her breasts stand out like a sore thumb.

Really, I’m just posting this cause I can’t get over how silly Io’s breasts are. Both figures are due for release in November, 2013 and are now available for pre-order.

Source: AmiAmi

Devil Survivor 2 the Animation
Io Nitta
by MegaHouse
Release: November, 2013
Scale: 1/8

Huh? Oh, Ricotta’s eroge title Walkure Romanze is getting an anime? … I am a bit curious given that two characters captured my attention ever since Volks released two model kits of Mio Kisaki and Celia Cumani Aintree in their suits of armor. … well, upper body armor. Celia would capture my interest more with her more mature appearance as well as a couple of figures coming out, though those figures could use much improvement.

The anime is set to premiere this fall and since it’ll be on TV with an official web site and trailer now available. You can definitely expect it to be more tame than the actual eroge but I’m sure full of fan service. It’s a harem title so not expecting anything superb but I will check it out just for the two characters that have my interest.

Been a while since I’ve done one of those. With me just talking about my liking for The iDOLM@STER manager Ritsuko Akazaki and June 23 being her birthday, what better time to find some fan art of her I like and post it?

This one just popped recently because, again, Ritsuko’s birthday and I love the style and the coloring of the piece. Though it may be the angle, her body shape looks a little more average to my eyes which is what I like. Then there’s the gentle hit at her lips which also pushes the right buttons with me.

A nice piece the one I like the most out of all the pictures popping up for “Ricchan’s” birthday.

Continue reading for complete details on how to purchase and to see what items are available.

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